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01 June 2006 @ 10:15 pm
Ok, I think I must have cheated. ;o) I do feel like I did a lot today, as I did yoga this morning, took Ian with me, where he also did yoga, so that counted not only as stretching and meditation (it was a private session), but also in the realm "I encouraged my child to exercise." I changed sheets on the beds, ate healthy, fed the family healthy, made a real meal and had dinner together, read my book, did nothing for a half hour while the kids played on the playground, made cookies with Emily, helped Emily learn to change her sheets(at her request), assisted the kids as, for the first time for each, Emily took a shower and Ian cleaned himself up in the bath, played around on LJ which counted for time with a hobby, did two loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded, and put away), took a nap, followed Flylady routines a little (cleared off some hot-spots), had a one-hour conversation with one of my mom's friends, who is also my friend now that I'm grown, about my mom, and the list must go on. I guess maybe I did earn this score. Geez. ::edit:: Duh. I also went to work--my primary career--for 3 hours, and spent another 1/2 hour folding sheets for work (aside from the 2 loads of laundry mentioned before), so there's more points...

405 accomplishments, 25 health and body, 32 work and home, and 27 mind and soul


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call me Wren or Mz R -- a personal journalmoderately_mad on June 2nd, 2006 05:34 pm (UTC)
What a day! And yet you sound happy ... I think it's interesting that very high-scoring days aren't necessarily tiring. Maybe there is something about balancing accomplishments -- like a positive and negative charge. Some tasks are draining while others are recharging. That might account for stable net energy. Must think (write) on this a little.

The snippets about your kids make me long for a little one. I remember Ch--'s first shower. He sputtered and laughed so. And it took weeks for him to work up the courage. Now I can't get him to take a bath. Apparently showers are the only way to go when you are ten ... if you HAVE to get clean ... which seems entirely unnecessary, btw.