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02 June 2006 @ 05:03 pm
Quick Update  
Hey folks.

If you are still using the tally you will notice that I've been in there messing around again. I'm systematically correcting typos, misspellings and errors and am rewording some of the explanatory text. Here's some "stuff" I noticed:

--I don't know why the explanatory text is no longer showing up in blue. The correct color tags are all in place. I'm wondering if I used an "unapproved" color identification code.

--I have changed the order of the work-position slots in the practical section but I haven't gotten to the important page yet.

--I'm still not having problems with getting my results but if you are, there is some conversation about it going on in the following post:

--You could see an slight jump in your scores. There were a few queries in which I failed to credit the proper number of accomplishment points. It should be very minor -- I only found a couple mistakes.

I'm off. Hope life is going well for all of you.
memegardenermemegarden on June 3rd, 2006 03:50 am (UTC)
It's always bugged me that some of the questions have discontinuous time periods to choose from.

The exercise questions do this a little bit, since they have "15 min. or <" and "20 min. or >" as the first two options, but this isn't much of a problem since all I have to decide is whether it was closer to 15 or 20 minutes.

It's more of a problem with the practical tasks that say "15 min. or <", "20-30 min.", "60 min. or >", and "most of day". Again, not too much of a problem deciding between 15 & 20 minutes, but 30-60 min. is an awfully big gap and leaves me not knowing where 45 minutes is supposed to go. And at what point does more than an hour become most of the day? Two hours probably isn't, but is three? four?

#62 is another question with time options where the dividing line is unclear: prayed/meditated 10 min. or <, 15 min. or >, 60 min. or >.

#64 & #65 have "20 min. or <" and "30 min. or >", not as big a gap.

#74, #75, and #77 have clearer choices: 20 min. or less, 30-60 min., and more than 60 min. Maybe some of the other questions could use this model?
memegardenermemegarden on June 3rd, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
Well, maybe ideally "less than 30 min.", "30-60 min.", and "more than 60 min.", so they're actually continuous. Or something.
call me Wren or Mz R -- a personal journalmoderately_mad on June 3rd, 2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
Yesterday I reworked the time thing a little, but only in the general instructions that appear on the first page. I haven't tackled the consistency throughout the test yet -- obviously.

Here's my tweak:
The accomplishment value of an activity or task is tied to the time required to complete it and its relative difficulty. The following table is only a guideline -- point value is not rigidly determined by time.
[05] = 15 minutes or less
[10] = up to about 30-45 minutes
[15] = up to a little more than an hour
[20] = from a couple hours to most of the day

The problem arises in the relative difficulty part. Exercising intensely for 30-45 minutes should be worth more than ten points, while snuggling up with book for more that 30-45 minutes isn't comparatively worth 15. Different kinds of activity have wildly varying difficulty levels.

The idea is REALLY more like this:
[05] automatic / easy / minimal
[10] requiring moderate effort
[15] requiring intense / focused effort
[20] indicating exceptional, notable effort and/or success

The question is where the line should be drawn between one level and another. It's not hard to decide within an individual query but consistency throughout the test goes out the window.

Anyway, I see your point. You are not the only person who finds this irregularity irritating. Another tester wrote:

DH: Questions 9, 10 & 11: I've noticed something on all your time related questions: not all times are available. For example, question 10. You can choose less then 10 minutes or more then 20 minutes... but what if you have a 15 minute routine? I think you may want to look at all the timing questions to fix this so they'd all read things like a) 10 minutes or less, b) 11 to 20 minutes, c) 21 minutes or more.

ME: ...I want to avoid the temptation to have someone hold out for "just one more minute" in order to get a higher level of points...

This little conversation happened in Page Two Critiques -- I'll be transferring some of the more recent comments to their "proper" spaces. (Easier to find a specific topic.)

So. The answer, for the moment is: I'm workin on it :D

As always, thank you for your thoughts.

PS: 'Sorry for the double email notification -- I hate it when I screw up my tags and I just can't leave a mistake posted.
A Girl Dreaming: Working Zoeydreamhope on June 4th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)
Thanks for keeping us updated! I am still Keeping Score, but haven't had any time to do much thinking or commenting about it. But just so you know that I'm still reading...